Kristen Broughton

Property Investment Manager

Kristen Broughton is an energetic and dynamic member of the Ray White North Lakes / Mango Hill Property Management Division.

Embracing a staunch commitment to delivering very high standards of service, Kristen is dedicated to performing with complete integrity in every area of her profession.

Understanding the importance and value of a Landlord's investment, Kristen diligently maintains a balanced relationship with both Tenants and Landlords through consistent communication, thereby ensuring nothing but a superior service standard.

With a wealth of knowledge and skills in a very broad range of roles, Kristen is a brilliant communicator who possesses considerable people skills and is focused on delivering on every promise, providing quality service on every level and exercising care in every situation.

Boasting just the right mix of youthful enthusiasm, combined with a vibrant personality, Kristen is approachable, amenable and highly perceptive – these all being favourable traits, reinforcing the strength of her ability to negotiate successful outcomes and positive resolutions in any areas of conflict.

Kristen has wisely chosen Australasia’s largest Real Estate Company, Ray White as the place to further develop her own successful career and become one of the best in her real estate field – undoubtedly she is in good company as part of the dedicated team at Ray White North Lakes / Mango Hill.

When Kristen Broughton is appointed to look after your investment property, you can be guaranteed to receive quality service, support and the best possible care and consideration at all times.